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    Enjoy Your Social Visits to the Fullest with United Checker Cab

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Fun, food, and friends is usually a recipe for a great social visit. Add a taxi cab into the mix and find a way to enjoy a night with your friends even more. When you and your pals take a taxi on your next social visit, you get enjoy your time in the following ways:

    A Safe Way to Enjoy a Few Drinks

    Whether you are catching up over a couple of beers or sharing a bottle of wine, alcohol is a staple of visits among friends. Use a yellow cab so everyone can partake in the beverage sampling. A professional taxi driver will be ready to take you all home when you are ready to call it a night.

    An Easy Way to Get Home at Any Time

    One of the biggest perks of using a cab on your next social excursion is your ability to get home at any time. Even if your visit ends at four in the morning, there is always a taxi that can make sure everyone gets back home. When you take a taxi cab, no one has to drive tired. If one of your friends wants to leave earlier than everyone else, they can call their own cab without forcing the entire group to go home.

    Extra Time for Socializing

    When everyone drives on their own, the night ends when you all get into your vehicles. If you take one yellow cab, though, the fun can continue even on the drive home. Take one taxi so you can extend your social visit and make the most of your time with your friends.

    United Checker Cab provides premium taxi services throughout San Pedro and Wilmington. Whether you are trying to enjoy a night out with your pals or need a ride to LAX, we have the services you need. To learn more, please visit us online or call (877) 201-8294.

    Why You Should Catch a Cab to the Next LA Galaxy Game

    Last updated 1 year ago

    The Los Angeles Galaxy are increasing the popularity of soccer in the U.S. Join in on the action by taking a taxi to The Home Depot Center and supporting your home team. When you take a taxi cab to the game, you get:

    Image by Scott French

    • To Skip the Parking - With seating for 27,000, the parking lots surrounding The Home Depot Center are usually crowded and crazy before, during, and after a game. When you take a yellow cab, you don’t have to worry about navigating the congested parking lot. Instead, your driver will drop you off as close as possible to the entrance. While everyone else deals with the mobs of cars, you can get your snacks, find your seats, and get ready for the game.
    • To Be at the Center of the Action - Whether you go to every game or are holding out for the Real Madrid match on August 2nd, you want to be a part of the action. When you take a taxi, you can get there early and hang out with your fellow soccer-lovers. Taking a yellow cab ensures that you will be present for all of the action that happens on the field below.
    • To Have As Much Fun As You Want - One of the best benefits of hailing a cab to take you to the stadium is that you automatically have a designated driver. You can get some drinks with dinner before the game or sip on some beer as you watch the Galaxy square up to the competition. When the game is over, the taxi driver will safely drop you off back at home.

    United Checker Cab is here to help you enjoy the best of Los Angeles entertainment. We can also take you from LAX to San Pedro or Wilmington. To learn more about our service area, please call (877) 201-8294.

    Your Guide to Using the Taxi Magic App

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Taxi Magic makes it easier than ever to order a taxi cab to take you to your desired destination. With this app, you can easily reserve a yellow cab straight from your smart phone.

    As you can see in this video, Taxi Magic lets you order online, send a text with your pickup address, or book using the app. This application lets you find nearby cabs, book a car without waiting on hold, and even pay straight from your phone.

    Use Taxi Magic to order a United Checker Cab to take you around San Pedro and Wilmington. We can even take you from San Pedro to LAX. For more information on our service area, please visit us online or call (877) 201-8294.

    Check Out These Webpages to See What Else United Checker Cab Has to Offer When You Need a Ride

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Southern California is a mecca of great things to see and do. Use the following resources to help plan your time in the San Pedro area. Whatever your transportation needs, United Checker Cab is here to meet them. Call (877) 201-8294 to learn more.

    • Visit to learn about some of the upcoming events in the area.
    • Stay active in San Pedro with the South Bay Hitting Zone. Learn more on this website.
    • Catch all of the Galaxy’s home games to cheer on your favorite soccer players. Learn more about The Home Depot Center on this website.
    • Take a taxi to give yourself the chance to enjoy the tastes of San Pedro Brewing Company. Learn more about their menu on their official website.
    • Plan your next trip to Torrance with these suggestions from

    Let Loose for the Night with United Checker Cab

    Last updated 1 year ago

    Los Angeles and its surrounding areas are full of hot night spots that can keep you entertained any day of the week. The next time you spend a night on the town, make sure to call a taxi cab to take you there. When you take a cab, you get the following:

    Door-to-Door Service

    Taking a taxi to the club means that you can wear those killer high heels and mini skirt without worrying about having to walk long distances to get to the club. Your feet will be saved and you will look great when hitting the dance floor since you will have avoided a long walk to get to your establishment of choice. Save your energy and look great on the dance floor by taking a cab on your next night out.

    A Designated Driver

    You and your friends do not have to flip a coin to see who will get stuck driving for the night when you take a taxi. The cab driver handles the driving so everyone in your group can let loose and have a fun time. When you take a yellow cab, no one needs to shoulder the responsibility of being the designated driver. Give yourself and your friends the opportunity to enjoy the night.

    A Safe Way Home

    Taking a taxi is also a good way to ensure your safety for the night. You should not wander around the streets trying to find your car, especially if you have been drinking. Avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation by taking a taxi cab on your next night out.

    United Checker Cab is here to keep you safe when you enjoy some of the best local nightspots. Whether you are staying near San Pedro and Wilmington or traveling farther into Los Angeles, we are here to give you convenient and reliable transportation. For more information, please visit us online or call (877) 201-8294.

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